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My name is Christina and I am the founder of Santorini Plus. I started off as a local tour guide in Santorini five years ago. Since then, I have worked with various tour operators and led more tours than I can count. I loved going on tours, meeting people from all corners of the world, showing them around Santorini and bringing them in touch with our local culture.

This was the reason I first started this Santorini blog, so I can share my experience with more people and document all things that fascinated me along the way. Now, in 2019, I have decided to make this blog my full time job, I have added all my recommendations on things to do and aim to help each and every one of you plan your perfect trip to Santorini.

Here we will discuss it all- what to do in Santorini, activities, excursions, day tours, where to go, what to see, where to eat, what to avoid etc. Plus inside tips and advice to help you. Posts are not sponsored, I just write my honest opinion on things I like and dislike. Activities are not randomly selected. All activities that I suggest, I have tried them myself as a guest or I have worked with the company organizing them. If you make a booking through the links on my blog, I then earn a small commission fee and this is how I keep it running.

Let me introduce you to the Santorini I know and love. You will love it too.

Get in touch if there is anything I can help you with or just to say hello.

When are you visiting our beautiful Santorini? 

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P.S: Thank you all for your support :)