Interview with Haris G- Resident DJ @ Cavo Tagoo Santorini

This post is a bit different. We always talk about places to visit and things to see in Santorini. But Santorini is not just about the landscapes. There is also people here worth mentioning and meeting. Here is a short interview I got to do with my favourite DJ in Santorini.

People, I am happy to introduce to you Haris G.

So tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Haris Galanos. I was born in Thessaloniki in 1994. My father is a musician so it did not take me long to get into music. I started with piano and guitar lessons. As I grew older, so did my love for music. First time I saw musicians come into the studio and record, I was mesmerized. And thus I decided this is what I wanted to do. I bought my first cd player, a few cd's and I started experimenting with mixing.  Not long after, I started playing in small bars around my neighborhood and in a few events.

The positive feedback I got from the world kept me going and made me want to be better every day. There were obstacles along the way and I was young. But I did manage to overcome all of them and grow into the DJ I am today. I have now worked with great DJs from Greece like Cj jeff , Dino MFu , Thodoris Triantafillou , Ace 2 ace , Vasillhs Tsilichristos , Playmen , Anjelo , Bang La decks  etc.  and top DJs from around the world like Kolombo , Shatoshie Tomiie , Kiko Navaro , Onsulade ! 

How did you end up in Santorini? 

I moved to Santorini in 2014, when I started working for JOJO, which is one of the most famous beach bars here. I have worked with a few different bars ever since like MoMix, Two Brothers, Demilmar and starting this year Cavo Tagoo.

Haris G. at Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Haris G. at Cavo Tagoo Santorini

What are you currently working on? Where in Santorini can someone find you and enjoy your music? 

This year I have the joy and honour to work with one of the top hotels on the island: Cavo Tagoo. I am there as the resident DJ, entertaining the hotel guests and also people dining at our restaurant OΛVΛC. In the restaurant, you can taste magical flavors from our chef Polychronis Damalas.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini. Haris G will be behind the decks. 

Cavo Tagoo Santorini. Haris G will be behind the decks. 

I am also working at Stoa Bar in Fira. I am there every Wednesday to Sunday. 

Every morning I am also in JOJO beach bar, where I am organizing all the amazing parties that happen on the Sundays.

And you can also listen to my radio show every Saturday 00:00 to 1:00 on Top Melody 104.9 Santorini fm. 

(Haris keeps busy as you can tell!) 

 How is life in Santorini for people like you working here?  

Living in Santorini is not easy. Let’s put it like that. It is pretty expensive to begin with and there is a huge problem with housing at the moment. Many young people come here in search of a better job and a better future. Some just come because they see it as a long holiday. Which is not. At least in my perspective. 

What do you think about the nightlife in Santorini? Tell us your favorite and your least favorite thing about it. 

Santorini is not known for its nightlife as it is mainly a place people come to enjoy the landscape, the views and the history of an active volcano. We, on our side are trying to improve the nightlife as much as we can. And by we, I mean us DJs and local business owners. Maybe in a few years time, Santorini will get to be famous for the nightlife as well. We are working on it.

Currently what I really like is just walking around the narrow streets in Fira, looking at shops and then getting a drink in one of my favourite places, Tango or MoMix.

What I don’t like is listening to the same playlist every time I go to a bar. Everything in life evolves. And it evolves fast. So is music. And so should our playlists. I am not judging anyone just merely encouraging them to improve and help us all make Santorini a big party island.

What advice would you give someone who is visiting the island for the first time?  

Definitely watch the sunset in Oia, walk around there and also enjoy a walk in Fira. Try the local wines and all the delicious traditional products of Santorini.

(I would like to add to that: Go to one of the places Haris is playing and enjoy the music) 

You are also currently working on a cd production, right? Tell us a bit about that.  

That is correct. I have been working on this for a while now and expect to have it ready in October. It will have 12 tracks and will be available on my website.

It is a bit of a unique project I would say. It is divided in two parts. The first 6 tracks are more lounge, the second part will be a bit more tech. I believe people will like it since it is different. 

At the same time, and besides my personal CD, I am also working on an album with hotel music. People have requested a type of album they can listen to at work or just to relax, and this is exactly the aim of that album. This one will be released on the 15th of September and it will be available online. Stay tuned for details. 

What are your two favorite artists at the moment? 

Hard to choose just two. I admire many dj’s- Greeks and international. Each one of them has contributed a little something to House/Tech House music. Two stand out for me: Adriatique and Tale of us. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out as a DJ? 

Thank you for this question. I would only like to say two things. DJing is part of music. If you don’t know music, then you cannot be a musician, nor a DJ. DJing is not about downloading songs and hitting the play button in a night club. DJing is about music: knowing it, producing it, mixing it and a series of other things. You need all of these if you want to be called a DJ.

Last but not least, there is one thing my father taught me and it stayed with me. He said “Son you need to respect the art of music” and so I did ever since.

Respect music. I do it and I love it.

Thanks Christina. 

My thoughts and comments:

I am only gonna say two things as well.

1. I have been following Haris three years now and I have enjoyed his music in a few different places around Santorini. I have had some amazing parties with him at the decks and some nice chillout evenings with all the views at Cavo Tagoo. Whatever he does, he wants to perfect it. And he works hard. I respect that and I admire his work. I don't need to say I love his music do I? 

2. I got the chance to go to Cavo Tagoo for this interview and it was AMAZING. I don't have enough words to describe just how amazing it was. Probably the best place I have seen in Santorini so far. Here is a taste from the sunset. 

Thank you Haris. It was a pleasure talking to you. Keep it up. I am looking forward to your cd  :)