Art Space Santorini: Winery, Museum & Art Gallery

Welcome to Art Space! 


In Exo Gonia, in Santorini you will find a very special place: Art Space

Today, I took  my very good friend Stella there to show her around. And thought I would show you around too. 

Art Space is a unique combination of a winery, a museum and an art gallery. All run by Antonis N. Argyros- you just have to love Mr Antonis! 

Here you will see the old winery, the old distillery and two more caves, all built within the pumice rock. And all combining tradition with modern art. The winery itself dates back to 1861 and it is the smallest one on the island, but still my very favourite. 

ArtSpace: The Old Winery

This is the entrance to the old winery and where the tour starts.


First you will see where they made the sweet wine Vinsanto and where they stored the barrels (some big barrels we are talking about). 


Moving on, you can see where they made the red wine Brousko:


Then, you can enjoy paintings from a variety of artists:


ArtSpace: The Old Distillery

The next part of the tour is in the Old Distillery. The distilling equipment is preserved intact along with two old ovens.  Here you will see the tomato paste processing plant as it was in the pre-industrial era more than a century ago- the only equipment of its kind that has been preserved. 


ArtSpace: Art Exhibition

Next stop is what used to be a stable and is now a modern art exhibition:


ArtSpace: Modern Winery

Last stop is the modern winery, built in three levels for vertical vinification. As Antonis explained to us, this basically means the vinification takes place using only gravity and natural flow, without the use of pumps. In this cave you will also see the wine cellar.

I am not an expert in wines, but what I did understand is that there are no chemicals or preservatives in the wines, which is rare to find and makes this winery an example for pure, organic wine. 

The reason I love this winery so much is just that. It is small, traditional, true to its values. The wine here is made with love and passion. This is probably the reason it tastes so good. 


ArtSpace: Wine Tasting

Before you go don't forget to taste the wines: Aidani, Nichteri, Saint August and the famous Vinsanto. In addition, you can also try Raki - a bit strong that one, similar to Grappa.

Say hello to Antonis for me as well please. 


You can find more Information on ArtSpace here:

Once again, thank you very much Antonis for a lovely tour. I will be seeing you again soon. 

Good morning Santorini.