Beaches On Santorini

Summer is coming so it is time to talk about the beaches on Santorini.

As you might know already, Santorini is not famous for the beaches, but that does not mean you cannot find a beach to your own liking, get a sunbed and chill out. 

Why is it that Santorini is not famous for the beaches? 

That is because there is no sandy beach here. All beaches were created from volcanic material. That means they have unique colors such as black, red and white but they mainly consist of pebbles. If you dream of dipping your toes in the sand, this is not the place. Also most beaches are quite steep, so basically you take a couple of steps and then you dive into the water. Mykonos on the other hand has amazing beaches  and you could easily combine these two islands (just saying). 

What is the best beach on Santorini?

By far and without any doubt, the best beach on Santorini is Perissa/Perivolos. It is long, the sand is as fine as it gets and there are many beach bars and restaurants over there, so you can easily combine swimming with lunch/dinner and cocktails. There are also plenty of water sports and dive centers. Walk around and see what you like, you can rent sunbeds and spend the whole day there. 

Find out more about the beach bars in Perissa/Perivolos

I hear many people say that Kamari is the best beach. I disagree. Kamari is lovely to go for a walk, get a drink or something to eat, do some shopping etc. But in terms of the beach itself and the sea, Perissa/Perivolos is better. 

What is the best family beach in Santorini? 

The best family beach on Santorini would be Monolithos. I personally don't like Monolithos too much, but the water is shallow and the beach itself is better for kids to play on. As a plan B I would suggest Perissa/Perivolos again. Maybe a bit further away from all the beach bars..

What about the red sand beach on santorini? 

The Red Sand beach on Santorini is a very unique beach. Something that you probably haven't seen before. This is exactly why it is worth visiting to admire its natural beauty and take as many pictures as you want. But! In terms of staying there to swim I wouldn't advise it because:

  • It is rather small and tends to get very crowded
  • There is nothing to do, no restaurants on the beach, no beach bars. You will only find a food truck 
  • It is dangerous. The red beach on Santorini was actually created by a landslide and over the years there have been more of them and a few accidents.. You see where I am going with this. 

What about Ammoudi Bay in Oia? 

Ammoudi Bay in Santorini is a small port. You can reach it if you take the steps down from Oia. The water there is crystal clear (and very very tempting) so you can jump in. But please keep in mind that Ammoudi is not a beach, so there are no sunbeds, no space to chill out or anything like that. You will however, find many restaurants and especially fish taverns on Ammoudi. It is the ones you see on the Internet with the octopus drying in the sun! 

Santorini beaches map

I have designed a map with all the beaches on Santorini. Click on them to see how they look like and find out more details. 

A beach on Santorini I personally quite like that is less popular is Vlihada. Vlihada might not be touristy but it is just so beautiful. As I always say, walking on Vlyclada beach feels like you are walking on the moon :)

What is your favorite beach on Santorini?