Sweet As Honey, BeePlace in Santorini


There is a new place in Fira I wanted to tell you about: BeePlace.

BeePlace is a small farmer shop that collects honey from different producers around Greece to bring it to you. It just opened a few days ago and today I walked in there to see what the fuss is all about.

BeePlace Fira Santorini

Here you will find honey varieties such as honey from thyme, fir, pines, eucalyptus and even heather honey and cotton honey (no I have no idea how they make honey from cotton). There is also honey with mastic from Chios.  All of these and much much more, you can taste for yourself in the store to see what you like.

It is not just about honey either. In BeePlace you will also find royal jelly, traditional spoon sweets and jams, herbs, tea, even peanut butter (I have my eye on this one for my next visit). Extra virgin oil from Crete as well! 

For you ladies, this is a nice place to get your natural cosmetics from. You can also get the famous soaps with olive oil and beeswax ointments. Everything natural, everything made in Greece. 

Walking into the shop I got to meet  Ilias -the owner. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you want to know more about honey, he is your man.  Even though he does not like having his picture taken, he made an exception for me. And I appreciate that. Meet Ilias everyone:

Ilias BeePlace Fira Santorini

Make sure to go check BeePlace out. I have a feeling you will like it. If you like honey and/or natural products this is your kind of place. And Ilias will be happy to help you with it all. 

Thanks again Ilias! 

See you later, 



Info: BeePlace is open every day from 10am and it is on the way to the cable car on the main path in Fira- near The Highlander Bar. You can check out the map below and website here. If you need more info you can always ask me. 

UPDATE 13/02/2017:

Beeplace is closed at the moment. I am not sure whether it has shut down or maybe is moving to another store. Will let you know as soon as I know.