The 20 Best Hotels In Santorini

I have been on the island more than three years now and that is more than enough time to find the hotels I like the most and the ones I would choose to stay if I were visiting. This is a list with all of them. I know there are way too many amazing hotels in Santorini, but these are my absolute favorite ones. 

The order is random, but the hotels are grouped by area.

For each hotel I have included links to their website, facebook page, tripadvisor reviews and google maps location. And a video that will make you want to book now!  

First things first. Before we get down to the list of hotels, here is a basic question you might be asking yourself:

What is the best place to stay in Santorini?

If I were visiting Santorini, I would stay in Imerovigli and this is where I would suggest you stay. Why? 

  • Imerovigli has amazing views to the volcano and the caldera.
  • It is half way through Oia and Fira which means you can  easily access both places 
  • It is away from all the crowds of Oia and Fira- a bit secluded. Which makes it perfect if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and/or a romantic honeymoon. 
Quiet, romantic holidays by the pool? Yes please! 

Here is Imerovigli on the map:

Now, let's see the very best hotels there. Here we go:

Best Hotels In Imerovigli

Dreams Luxury Suites


Moving on the to the most famous destination in Santorini.. It is Oia. If you want to be there first to enjoy the sunset and all the amazing views choose one of the following hotels.

Here is an article with things to do in Oia

Please do keep in mind that Oia gets very crowded in the summer. Especially during sunset.

If you hotel is right on the pathways of Oia, expect it to be VERY busy with tourists passing by. I would check the location before booking, just to make sure. You wouldn't want to be relaxing on your balcony with a bunch of people taking photos just outside, right?

Andronis Boutique

IKIES on Facebook

IKIES on TripAdvisor

IKIES on the Map


I couldn't find a video for this one, but I think this picture might just be good enough. 

pezoules Oia Santorini.jpg


Would you rather stay closer to Fira to enjoy the nightlife? Here are the best hotels in Fira. 

Read my comprehensive guide about the nightlife in Fira

Read more about Fira

Enigma Apartments & Suites

Anteliz Suites on Facebook

Anteliz Suites on TripAdvisor

Anteliz Suites on the Map

When booking a hotel in Fira, make sure to check the location on the map. Some places might be in Fira but that does not mean they are just around the main square. They could be further away (within a walking distance always). Just make sure you are okay with that. 

If you are looking for a hotel away from Fira and Oia, but not too far away, you could choose one in Pyrgos or Megalochori. These places are more traditional and quiet. 

Best Hotel in Pyrgos

Read more about Pyrgos here

Santorini Heights

Best Hotels In Megalochori

Athermi Suites


A bit cut off from civilization... but with AMAZING views. If you like Santorini, but not the idea of busy crowds everywhere, Akrotiri would be perfect for you. 

Astarte Suites

Last but not least...

Looking for something very very different, quiet and traditional? Here you go:

Windmill Villas

That's all. I know all these videos inspired you to book your holidays now. I am hoping they helped you decide on the hotel as well. 

You know what they say: It is not the place that matters, but the company.  With good company, any hotel you choose will be perfect ;)


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