Fira, Santorini: Things To Do, Places To Eat & Drink

Welcome to Fira.

Fira, Santorini

General Information ABOUT fIRA, sANTORINI

Fira is the capital of Santorini. It can be found on the west coast of the island, perched on the edge of an impressive cliff, 220m (722ft) above sea level. Fira is right opposite the volcano of Santorini, so it offers amazing views of the caldera and the volcano itself.


History OF the village of fIRA, sANTORINI

Fira was first built during the 17th century, when the risk of pirate attacks was reduced. It was in the late 18th century when Fira became the capital of Santorini. Before that, Skaros, a castle opposite Imerovigli, used to be the capital. All that remains today is a rock at the very edge of the cliff.

Skaros Castle Santorini- 17th century (Benaki Museum Athens)

Skaros Castle Santorini- 17th century (Benaki Museum Athens)

Skaros Castle Santorini-Today

Skaros Castle Santorini-Today

The earthquake IN sANTORINI(1956)

In 1956 there was a big earthquake on the island that destroyed a big part of Fira. It all had to be rebuilt from scratch, maintaining however its original traditional style. In terms of architecture, there were two types of buildings in Fira: yposkafa (traditional cave houses, for the lower class) and urban houses (for the upper class). Both types of houses remain until this day. Many are converted into hotels, bars and restaurants. 


Fira, sANTORINI: Things to do

Modern day Fira is the cultural and commercial center of Santorini. Here you will find museums, galleries and cultural events, as well as the largest shopping center on the island and many restaurants. Fira also has the best nightlife in Santorini.

Find the best bars in Fira here.

I would suggest you just walk around and explore the village. There are many things to do in Fira (including a lot of shopping for the ladies). The views are amazing. Make sure to see the cable car and the cathedral. 

Keep reading for more on these..


Museums and Churches IN FIRA, sANTORINI

In Fira you will find the Archaeological and Prehistoric Museums of Santorini. The town also has numerous churches and monasteries with impressive architectural features. While you are here, it is  worth visiting  Megaro Gyzi Museum that hosts a fascinating collection of photos from Fira , as well as the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral.  Just outside the cathedral is a great spot to enjoy the views and the sunset too. 

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Fira.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Fira.

The Old Port And the cable car IN FIRA, sANTORINI

The old port of Santorini is at the bottom of the caldera cliffs in Fira. It is now used to bring in passengers from cruise ships and for smaller boats to anchor. The little harbour has restaurants, taverns and small shops. To come up to Fira town you can take the cable car, hop on a donkey (I wouldn't recommend that) or if you feel like getting your daily exercise climb 600 steps up. From the old port you can also get on a boat tour to the volcano and the hot springs.

If you are looking for more specific suggestions on things to do in Fira, here are mine!

Best Place to Eat in Fira:

For a proper meal go to Pelican Kipos. I love this place! 

Best Gyros in Fira:

Yogi Gyro. By far. 

Learn more about gyros in Santorini here. 

best coffee place in fira (not for the coffee but for the views):

Iriana Cafe


V Lounge Cafe. I go there for the amazing pancakes! 

Best bakery in Fira:

Svoronos Bakery. It is the one right next to McDonald's and it is open 24/7 (yay). 

Best Sunset Cocktails in Fira:

I am torn on this one. Hard to choose just one, so I shall give you two choices: 

Franco's Bar

PK Cocktail Bar

Fira has plenty of choices if you are going out for drinks. From quiet cozy car to loud clubs. Check out our Santorini Nightlife Guide to find a place that suits you. 

Best Place to buy cosmetics in fira (and other lady things to look your best):

Hondos Center

and... one more thing to see in fira

The Farmers Market IN FIRA, sANTORINI

Just after the main square, you will find a small farmers market with fresh fish and vegetables. This will give you a taste of the more traditional side of Santorini. 

Market at Fira, Santorini

Useful Information ABOUT FIRA, sANTORINI

  • Driving In Fira: During the summer, vehicles are not allowed to pass by the main square, so you have to drive around it.

  • Bus & Taxi Station in Fira: In Fira, you will find the starting point for all buses and the main taxi station as well.

Santorini Local Bus: Find the bus station in Fira on the map here. You can reach them at +30 22860 25404 or check out their website

Santorini Taxi Station: Find the taxi rank in Fira on the map here. You can reach them at +30 22860 22555

  • Post Office in Fira: There is a post office in Fira, Santorini. You can find it on the map here.

Where to find Fira in Santorini (map): 


Last but not least, from Fira, you can also start the hiking trail to Oia. Read all about it here


There is an amazing website called TripinView. You can use it to visually explore more of Fira, Santorini. There are pictures and videos and it really feels like you are there. Check it out. 

Hope all of that helps! Let me know what do you like most about Fira?