Getting around Santorini: What you need to know

Back to basics today as I think it’s time to talk about transportation on the island.

First things first: How to get to your hotel

You have booked your hotel in Santorini and you are now wondering how you can get there once you arrive. What you need to do is check your hotel booking to see if it includes the transfer from/to the airport/port. If it does, then you should contact the hotel in advance and let them know what time you will be arriving so they can arrange your transfer. In this case, someone will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name and the hotel name. Look for them once you arrive. 

If you are unsure whether your reservation includes transportation, then you can always contact your hotel reception and ask.

Now, if your reservation does not include the transfer, you can:

  • Request transportation with extra charge: Some hotels do tend to overcharge these routes, so talk to them about the prices before you arrange it.

  • Take a taxi or the bus from Santorini Airport when you land. That might involve a bit of waiting as there is a limited number of taxis on the island.

  • Book A Transfer. You can easily do that online here.

There is a taxi rank just outside the airport, so you can get a taxi from there. Please be aware that taxis in Santorini are a bit expensive and they do not have taxi meters. They charge based on the destination. So, for example a taxi from the Airport to Fira would cost around 20€.

As you exit the airport there is also a bus stop on your left hand. From there you can catch a bus to Fira for less than 3€.

  • Take a taxi or the bus from the Port


Similar rules apply to the port as well. The bus costs 2.20€ and you will find it on your left as you exit the ferry. The taxi should cost around 15-20 € to get you to Fira.

You can also book a transfer from Santorini Port to your hotel here.

Getting Around Santorini


Taxi fares are fixed, based on the destination. You can always ask the driver in advance. There is a taxi rank in the centre of Fira and you can also ask your hotel reception to call a taxi for you.

Find the Taxi rank in Fira on the map:

There are less than 40 taxis on the island so keep in mind that you might have to wait a while, especially in the summer. 


The bus station is in Fira as well. The timetable is available online if you click here, but you can also find a printed version in the bus station. Tickets cost less than 3€ for all destinations and you buy them on the bus.

Find the bus station in Fira on the map:

Buses are very busy in the summer, so maybe not the most comfortable way to get around the island. Also, routes are not well connected and most of the times you have to go through Fira.

For example you are in Kamari and you want to go to Perissa, you would have to take the bus back to Fira and then take another bus to Perissa.

Rent a Car/Scooter/ATV

If you are staying for a couple of days, maybe it would be worth looking into renting a car or an ATV. All you need is an international driver’s license (meaning you need it to be written in English- nothing special you have to do about it).

Prices start from around 30€ per day.

You can rent an ATV here.

Car rentals are a good solution and an easier way to go around exploring Santorini. Say for example you want to go to Oia. A taxi from Fira would cost around 20-25€ (one way). So you would need around 50€ for a return trip. With the same money you can rent a car for the whole day and see other places as well. It is a good deal isn’t it?

Rent A Car In Santorini: You can use the search below to find a car that suits you.

Hire a Personal Driver

If you can’t be asked to drive around you can just rent a car with a driver. He will drive you around to any place you want to go and wait for you there to then drive you back. These services usually charge per hour.  You can book one here.

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