Best Gyros In Santorini

For Beginners: What is Gyros (or Souvlaki)? 

Gyros, which is also known as souvlaki is all the deliciousness of Greece wrapped in a pita bread. And I explain: Gyros is made with chicken or pork - that is how we prefer it in Greece - but you can also find it with lamb. You take the chicken or pork, you add chips, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a yummy sauce, you wrap it all in a pita bread and voila! You have your gyros. You can always leave something out. For example I always have my gyros with chicken, chips and sauce. Only the healthy know! 

Here is my gyros in Santorini. Are you getting hungry yet?

What makes a good gyros?

The success of the gyros depends on the sauce (we are talking about years of research here okay?). Usually we eat pork with tzatziki sauce and chicken with what we just call "sauce", but you can also mix & match. Tzatziki  is based on yogurt, cucumber and garlic (maybe avoid that if you plan on bringing the romance on), whereas "sauce" is based on yogurt and mayonnaise (no garlic here). 

Gyros is our fast food in Greece, so it is cheap (usually around 2€ each) and you would have it to takeaway. No forks and knives needed. You can also find it at restaurants, but to be honest with you it is usually not that good in restaurants! 

Here is a map with all the places you can find gyros in Santorini:

Where is the best gyros in Santorini?

My favorite places for gyros in Santorini are these ones (Click on them to see their exact location): 

#1 Yogi Gyro In Fira

#2 Pitogyros In Oia

#3 Gyros Place in Perissa Beach

And here is another great picture I found: Gyros in Santorini looks so good! 

Another Gyros in Santorini. I bet you are hungry now.. Photo by realfoodtraveler

For advanced users: Try Skepasti

So, you 've had gyros before many times and you love it. Yes me too. If you want to take that to the next level... here is a little secret.

Next time try a "Skepasti". What is that? Similar to gyros- same meat, but there is pita on the top and bottom plus cheese inside. And chips on the side. Along with all the other ingredients. Kind of a gyros sandwich I would call it. How does that sound? You will love it, I guarantee! You can ask for it in most souvlaki places. Here is a picture from the skepasti I had last night:

My "Skepasti" in Santorini. I got that from Patasi Grill House in Mesaria.

Did you know?

You can make your own gyros and it is actually pretty tasty. I use this recipe for chicken and this for pork

Okay. Now I think it is time for a gyros, don't you think? 

As we say in Greek "Kali Orexi" - Καλή όρεξη!  :)