Santorini Helicopter Tour

I am back and this time I would like to share this awesome experience I had in Santorini.. A helicopter tour!  I knew this kind of tours existed on the island as I could see the helicopters flying around  quite often, but I did not imagine I would end up on one myself.



This is it. It was a bit random but I found myself on the helipad preparing for takeoff. Have you ever been on a helicopter? I haven’t!


We are used to flying in airplanes, but I was not quite sure what to expect while on a helicopter tour. I was not afraid, just curious. It is a strange feeling, it gets very loud just before takeoff and then you are up on the air in no time -woop woop-

The tour began from Santo Winery, near Pyrgos. I highly doubt I have enough words to express how amazing were the views I got to see. But I will do my best. Or maybe I will just let the pictures do the talking. 

First of all, the helicopter stays close to the cliff so you can initially enjoy the views of caldera with Fira on one side and the volcano on the other side. The colours of Santorini are always mesmerizing, let alone when you see them all from up high.  Then there is that feeling that you are up in the air, but close to land as well and everything seems just a bit smaller. You realize you are flying over a volcano and over the biggest caldera* in the world.  By the way the current caldera was formed about 3600 years during the Minoan eruption and it is now covering approximately 32 square miles.


Moving on, from the helicopter you will see all the hotels on the cliff, and then Fira and Imerovigli. You change your perspective when you see Santorini like this. And then, you get to see Oia, just before you fly back around and over the volcano.


 I do think a picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine seeing this for yourself:

Volcano, Santorini

 The helicopter went on a 8-shape flight over the volcano so all passengers could enjoy views from every angle. I think the word I am looking for here is “Imposing”. That’s what the view of the volcano is. At least to me.

You can walk on it, you can sail around it but there is nothing like seeing it from high above if you ask me.

After the volcano, we started heading back to the helipad. I remember taking so many pictures during the flight- I felt like a tourist. And I did enjoy it so much! I think you would enjoy it too. 

I guess what it all sums up to, is that if you are looking for things to do in Santorini, you could add this to your list. If you are up for it.

Plus, you could always arrange a helicopter transfer for the bride say -if you are getting married there. And you can also find transfers to nearby islands if you are looking for a day trip.  

Are you ready for takeoff?

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Thanks for reading!



* Caldera: a large volcanic crater