Santorini's Highest Point: Prophet Elias Monastery

You all know about the amazing views from Oia, but there is also a place in Santorini that will offer you a panoramic view to the whole island and that is not to be missed.

Where? In Prophet Elias Monastery. 

What is Prophet Elias?

Prophet Elias is the highest point of Santorini- 567m high. It is located at the Southeast part of the island, 3km away from the traditional village Pyrgos. There is a monastery and a church at the very top of the hill. This is the oldest part of the island and the only one that existed before the eruption of the Volcano.


Once you get to the top, you can visit the old church and then take your time to enjoy the panoramic views of Santorini. The diversity from up here will amaze you. From plain fields on one side, to famous Oia with the white houses on the other side. The ancient vineyards on the left and the modern - more commercial side of Santorini on the right.  


The beauty of this spot is just that. So many elements combined together.

All in one island, all in a single view.  

The history of Prophet Elias Monastery in Santorini

The Monastery of Prophet Elias was founded in 1711. It looks a lot like a fortress. Initial funds originated from the local community and Constantinople as well. Since then ,it has changed owners a few times, but throughout the years it has contributed in the economic and cultural life of the island. The monastery started to decline after 1860 and suffered much destruction in the 1956 earthquake. Nowadays there are only 10 monks living there, but nevertheless the monastery continues its charity work for the local community as well as the production of local products.

Prophet Elias Monastery in Santorini

 Outside the church you will find a small shop to buy all the products that are produced in the monastery and you can also taste a few traditional products, like sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and olive oil.


A variety of wines is also available, with my personal favourite being Nama.

Prophet Elias Monastery in Santorini