La Ponta: Venetian Tower in Santorini

I have been in Santorini for a while now, but it was only yesterday that I got to visit La Ponta. And that was a very interesting visit I have to say.


Argy and Yannis are the owners- and amongst the friendliest people I have met during my time here. Yannis has an eternal love for music and tradition and he just combined these two elements to create La Ponta. A place worth visiting while you are here.

But what is La Ponta?

La Ponta is a Greek Bagpipe Exhibition and Workshop. It is located in a 13th century Venetian Tower in the castle of Akrotiri. The tower hosts a tsabouna, a Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family.

The name “La Ponta” derives from the middle ages when Akrotiri constituted one of the five castles on the island and was named La Ponta, which is Latin for "the peak".


Why visit?

Well, first of all the Tower has an amazing view you can enjoy. But most importantly Yannis will take you on a musical journey back in time using simple sounds, traditional instruments and his love for what he does. You rarely meet people so passionate about their work and I admire that.

The tour starts with a walk around the tower, which has different architectural elements from the Venetians and the Ottomans.

And then the music starts. You will be amazed by what you will see and hear. Simple bamboo instruments can produce beautiful sounds. 


It’s not just about the music either. It is all connected to our Mythology, our history, language and tradition. I am Greek and during this tour I have learned things about my country and my language that I did not know. And that has to count for something.  

The tour is fun. And different from any other tour you will get to experience in Santorini. Yannis plays different instruments for you and tells you the story behind them all. The sounds are truly mesmerizing and you get to participate too and play an instrument. Yannis said I have great potential by the way!

I think that is enough said, I wouldn’t want to go into much detail. It is one of these things you just have to see for yourself. 

During the summer there are also concerts you can join.

For more information you can visit the website

Big big thanks to Yannis from me. Keep up the good work !


Goodnight Santorini,