Nikos Will PhotoTour You In Santorini

You already know that Santorini is super super beautiful, yes?

And you also know that once you get here you will be looking to take all that postcards shots you have seen on the internet. 

But do you know there is someone who can help you with that?

Drop you selfie sticks and let a professional take over... 

Everyone, please meet Nikos and Santo Photo Tours.

I had a chat with him earlier today over a cup of coffee and I would love to introduce you. 

Who is Nikos? Tell me a bit about yourself.

"I am a Photographer & Videographer. I live and work in Santorini, Greece. Amazing, right? Yes, I also feel very lucky. My passion is taking photos and videos. I started SantoPhotoTours a while back to share this passion with people visiting Santorini. So now I am doing what I love and I get to meet wonderful people from around the world too."

What is Santo Photo Tours? Tell me about what you do.

"We do private photography tours. If you book a tour with us, we will drive you around the island and take amazing pictures of you along the way. It could be you and your soulmate, you and your friends, you and your dog. Or just you. It is a private photo-shoot, with Santorini in the background. Not too bad, right?

Locations we suggest include the magnificent traditional village of Oia with the unique sunset, the fascinating Firostefani, the famous Imerovigli which is the highest place in the caldera with the Skaros rock, the Black sand beaches, the red beach, and...  many hidden spots along the way. Of course I am not going to reveal them now. They are the aces up my sleeve.

We then deliver your pictures in a CD or we e-mail them to you, so you have the perfect photo album from your holidays in Santorini."

That all sounds perfect to me. Ideal for honeymooners as well! 

Nikos showed me a few pictures he had taken recently. It was hard to choose the best ones as they were all amazing, but here you go.

I believe this slideshow will prove my point- being that you have to meet Nikos and let him PhotoTour you in Santorini. 

Bottom line is... If photography is your thing, then Nikos is your guy.  

Get in touch with him here: 


Call: +30 6906424482 (WhatsApp, Viber)


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