The Famous Santorini Sunset

So most of you -well probably all of you- have heard about the very famous Santorini Sunset. We are not here to doubt that. That would be kind of blasphemy, right?

But what we are here to do is share with you some tips about where on Santorini you will find that perfect spot you are looking for to enjoy the sunset. Everyone knows that the sunset from Oia is amazing. But here is our advice to help you enjoy the sunset views in Santorini. 

To begin with, last summer we met many people on the island heading to Oia to enjoy their dinner and the sunset. But the problem with this plan is the very fact that many of the restaurants in Oia, do not actually have a direct view to the sunset. Or maybe they do, but only for some tables.

Therefore here is our first tip:

Advice#1: Sunset Views from Restaurants in Oia, Santorini

To avoid disappointment, make sure to check with the restaurant that your table will have a view to the sunset. They will be honest about it if not.

Advice#2:FindING the perfect sunset spot in oia

As an alternative, we would suggest you to go to Oia a bit earlier. You can walk around, the view is lovely from up there anyway, find the spot you like, enjoy the sunset and then head to dinner.  Sounds like a plan?

Then, take into account that the sun sets in different times, depending on the time of the year you visit, so here is our next advice. 


Check online or with someone local to find out the time of the sunset. And then plan around it. Keep in mind that if you are going to Oia for the sunset, you might be stuck in traffic on the way there and back. So allow some time in advance to make sure you are not too late. 

Also depending on the time of the year you visit, the sunset might be directly behind the volcano or a bit to the left/right. What this means is, that there are places that will allow you to watch the sun go down directly in the sea and there are others from where you will see it go down behind the volcano, or behind Thirassia. That brings us to advice #4. 


Find out where the sunset will be first, in order to find the best spot to watch it from. It is not just in Oia. There are amazing places to enjoy the sunset. There is Imerovigli, Fira, there are wineries like Santo Wines and Venetsanos with amazing views to the sunset. 

And last but not least, no matter the time of the year there is always one spot on the island guaranteed to offer you the very best view of the sunset. And it is highly underestimated. So our final tip – and most important- 

ADVICE #5: Do not miss the sunset view from The Lighthouse IN AKROTIRI

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Here is mine: