The Best Traditional Santorini Products

Now that we have the perfect sunset spot sorted as well as the basic sightseeing round-up, it’s about time we talked food.  When visiting a place, you must try the local cuisine and especially if that place is Santorini in Greece.

We have selected our very favourite Santorini Products for you to try (and hopefully love). Enjoy!

Cherry Tomatoes

Small, red and full of flavor. Fresh, sun-dried or paste. Originally from Egypt, but have now acquired their unique flavour from the volcanic soil in Santorini.


Make sure not to miss the “Tomatokeftedes”, which are basically fried tomato balls (a real game-changer if you ask me).



On top of your salad, they will complete the taste of cherry tomatoes and introduce you to a whole new world of flavour. You can also pick up a jar on your way home.



The fava bean variety in Santorini is the oldest traditional product of the island. It has a distinct smooth and earthy flavour and it is very good for you as well. You can have it with onions, octopus, caramelized onions, pieces of pork meat, cuttlefish.. you name it.


White Eggplant

They have few seeds and a sweet taste. They can can replace the classic eggplants in a Moussaka- the Santorini way. It is also worth trying "Melitzanosalata"- a type of salad served on the island.


Hloro Cheese

Fresh caprine (goat) cheese with creamy texture. The production is quite small, so it might be hard to find, but it is worth a try.


~~Bon appétit~~