5 Things NOT To Do In Santorini

I have read so many blog posts telling you what to do on the island. And they all make some good points. But I find most of them are very touristic and lack originality. Being a tour guide on the island for three years now, I thought I can share my insights with you. But we will do it the other way around. So, based on my experience here is a list of things NOT to do in Santorini.

1. Do not go to Oia to watch the sunset


Well just because it gets so busy. How can you enjoy the sunset surrounded by so many people? If you are okay with this (see pictures below) , then by all means you should go. You can skip this paragraph.


If not, the sunset is really the same throughout the island and you can enjoy it anywhere along the cliffside. Depending on the time of the year, the sunset is amazing from the Lighthouse (in the Southern part), from this church in Firostefani, from the highest point of the island and from Fira as well. Honestly, even if you just pull over somewhere with the car- anyplace overlooking the volcano- you will enjoy the views.  Just find a nice spot and enjoy it.  Sunsets are supposed to be romantic. How is this romantic?

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2. Do not ride a donkey.

Doesn’t matter if it is up or down the hill. Just don’t do it.


Well, don’t you have a heart? I feel so bad for the donkeys every time I see them carrying a bunch of heavy stuff when it is boiling hot outside. I really don’t think they need to be carrying us as well. You can walk, you can take the cable car. Why would you ride a donkey when there is a cable car right next to it anyway? Poor donkeys. I am sure if they could speak they would say “I am tired and it is too hot outside. Can I please go home now?”.

5 Things Not To Do In Santorini

Let’s stop animal cruelty.

3. Do not rent an ATV/quad bike, unless you have experience


Well, yes they do seem like a lot of fun, but crashing in one of them is not fun at all. Driving around the island, I have seen many accidents and most of them are with the quad bikes. Most people think they are more stable than scooters, but that is not really the case. Quad bikes actually tip over very easily on a turn. So please think about it before you get one.

A car is always a safer choice- and more comfortable as well.

4. Do not go to the red beach to swim


Yes the red beach is a very unique place. And yes you don’t get a chance to see a red beach every day. That is why you should definitely go. By all means. But once you get there, just enjoy the view, take pictures if you want and leave. The beach itself is very very small, so not ideal for hanging out and enjoying it and also it is not organized. You will only find a small food truck at the beginning of the path where you can buy a drink or a light snack, but that’s it. Do not expect to find beach bars or anything else. Plus because it is that small, it tends to get very crowded.

5 Things Not To Do In Santorini

5. Do not spend all your time on your phone


I have been on tour a few times where I noticed that the people I had on tour with me were spending all their time in the car editing and uploading pictures they had taken. When we stopped somewhere they would take 100 pictures and then start over. They didn’t even look outside the window. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. But, you can also do that when you get back to your hotel. Take a moment to enjoy your time here. Look around you. Take it all in. You will remember it in your mind, even if you don’t have a picture of it.

Memories are far more valuable than pictures. Pictures don’t do it justice anyway.

I guess the bottom line is you don’t have to do what everyone else Is doing.  

Get around and explore. Get lost. Talk to a local. Discover one of the traditional villages on the island. Have fun. It is your holiday. Have it your way.

Let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree?