The 15 Best Wineries and Wine Tours of Santorini

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Artisanal wines, lovely terraces, amazing Greek Food… Your Ultimate 2017 Guide to Santorini’s Wineries is here!

It is not a secret that Santorini has some of the most amazing wineries and wine tours in the world.

Wine production on the island dates back to the ancient times and the famous “Assyrtiko” variety of Santorini is famous all over the world.

The thing with Santorini’s vineyards is that the amazing indigenous varieties, the island’s unique ecosystem, along with the volcanic soil, strong winds, rare rainfalls and the hot and dry summers result in wines of a uniquely intense and complex character with high gastronomic value.

You are going to love wine tasting in Santorini! It’s a MUST!

And in this post we are going to show you the Best Wineries of Santorini and the Best Wine Tours of Santorini with complete directions on how to find them and what each one of these offer with links and Google Maps locations.

Let’s see them one by one, shall we?

1. Santowines Winery

Santowines Winery is the largest and most famous winery of Santorini.

Let’s put it this way:

If there is only one winery that you want to visit in Santorini or you don’t have the time to visit a second one, then it has to be the amazing Santowines winery

Amazing location, large selection of Santorini wines, yummy greek meze, great service and even an amazing gift shop where you can buy local products of the island along with all of the wines that you previously tasted!

from instagram: @instantonium

from instagram: @instantonium

The view from the SantoWines terrace is stunning…

The view from the SantoWines terrace is stunning…

SantoWines was founded in 1947 and it’s basically the Union of Santorini Cooperatives.

Today, it consists of the largest winery of the island representing all the cultivators and counting 1.200 active members.

There is an enormous terrace in different levels with one of the most amazing views of the caldera and the volcano. Finding a table to sit is relatively easy (unless it’s August and sunset time…or there is a massive cruise ship that has just arrived in Santorini…but even so you should be able to find a table as the place is massive!) and you can even order coffee or just greek meze and nibbles.

You can select different wine tasting “experiences” where a waiter or wine-specialist will explain to you the different aromas, tastes and varieties like: AssyritkoNykteri or Vinsanto(this is more like a liquor…very sweet but yummy!). You can have 3, 6 or even 12 glasses of wine! There is no way you get out of this place sober…that’s for sure!!

The whole experience will be even better if you visit the amazing Deli shop which is in the winery with plenty of local produce and a large wines selection (from the ones that you just….tasted before!)



SantoWines winery is between Fira and Pyrgos on your right side (going from Fira to Pyrgos village). It is closer to Pyrgos village though (check hotels in Pyrgos). There is plenty of parking there but you can even take a taxi or a local bus from Fira or elsewhere. If it is August and sunset time you probably need to call them and book a table in advance. Especially if you are planning to visit around sunset time because it can get pretty busy during that time. Also, bear in mind that during the summer there are many weddings that take place at the terrace and some part of it might be privately reserved. You can contact them in advance to check.


2. Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winery is a pretty new addition to the Santorini wineries but with probably the longest history of the island.

It is actually the first industrial winery of Santorini, founded in 1947 by Venetsanos family.

The impressive Venetsanos old winery

The impressive Venetsanos old winery

All the buildings have been recently renovated and the old wine tanks have actually been transformed to a very cool little museum. You can actually learn a lot for the innovative production methods of the winery.

The most distinguished feature of the winery is actually its structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited. The winery was built in an unconventional manner constructed from above and moving downwards.

That’s the reason behind all these stairs and different levels of the structure!

The winery is located just above the Athinios port (where all the ferries from Athens stop) and it is in a really quiet and unique location overlooking (obviously…) the caldera and the volcano.

Venetsanos Winery is like a “mini Santowines Winery” in a way. 

You are still getting an amazing terrace where you can sit and taste the Venetsanos wines selection (Nykteri, Assyrtiko, Mandilaria, Anaggalis, Liasto) along with some yummy greek nibbles (mostly locally produced).

The greek meze nibbles at Venetsanos Winery are super yummy!

The greek meze nibbles at Venetsanos Winery are super yummy!

the amazing terrace of Venetsanos Winery…

the amazing terrace of Venetsanos Winery…

Venetsanos winery is an amazing winery (and possibly less touristy than SantoWines). Everything is on a smaller scale and that’s not a bad thing…

There is even a cute little shop where you can buy the Venetsanos wines.



Venetsanos winery is literally 15 mins walking distance from the SantoWines winery and just outside of Megalochori village on your right hand as you drive on the Fira-Perissa main road (check hotels at Megalochori) . You won’t have any issues with parking. However, do expect the winery to be busier than usual in August (obviously around sunset time…). You can contact them in advance to make sure you will get a table but you can even book your table or tour through their website. 


3. Estate Argyros Winery

It is true that you won’t find any bells and whistles in this one. No amazing views and fancy decorations. Just amazing wines and a team of very passionate and friendly people who run it.

But…it is a lovely family business which is producing Santorini local wines since 1903.

It is now the 4th generation of Argyros family running the winery and the winery is basically located in the characteristic circular vineyards of Santorini.

People who run the place are really helpful and very keen to explain all the different varieties of the multi-award winning Argyros Wines.

People say that Argyros Estate winery is a winery for real wine-lovers…not a tourist attraction with “instagrammable” views (…and that is probably true).

At Argyros winery you will mainly taste the great white and rose wines varieties such as Assyrtiko (you have to try Argyros Assyrtiko…seriously…) but there are some great reds as well,  such as the unique Mavrotragano variety.

You can even visit the cute vineyards behind the winery and see with your own eyes the unique way they are shaped in a circular way so that they are protected by the strong Santorini winds.

The Argyros Estate vineyards

The Argyros Estate vineyards

Vine trees are shaped circular in Santorini to get protected by the strong winds of Santorini

Vine trees are shaped circular in Santorini to get protected by the strong winds of Santorini

2017 UPDATE: Argyros Winery has moved to a new (and quite impressive building). You will love it. 




Argyros Estate winery is literally 5 mins drive from Pyrgos village (check hotels in Pyrgos) . Hopefully the Google Maps screenshot above will help you find it!  You just have to contact them and book your visit. In the less busy months (every other month apart from July and August) you can just show up and the people of the winery will be happy to offer you the wine tour and wine tasting experience. You won’t be disappointed with this one…Just bear in mind that Argyros Estate has been included in the Top 100 Wineries of the world for many years. Argyros Estate Winery is Santorini wine at its best!


4. Domaine Sigalas Winery

Domaine Sigalas is one of the wineries which is closest to Oia and it’s a quite new addition to the Santorini Wineries map as it was founded back in 1991 by the Sigalas family.

There are many good reasons to visit this winery and the amazing romantic terrace located in the middle of the vineyards is only one of them.

Domain Sigalas Winery terrace…located within the vineyard!

Domain Sigalas Winery terrace…located within the vineyard!

You won’t be disappointed with the great selection of Sigalas wines.

You’d be able to taste more than 10 wines: different variaties of the famous Assyrtiko Santorini wine and a few reds such as “Mavrotragano” or “Mandilaria”.

But here is the thing with Domaine Sigalas:

You’ll also get amazing food as their kitchen offers some amazing greek meze/nibbles and lunch/dinner plates using seasonal local produce! And everything is super yummy…trust us! Seriously…the Chef who works there is not playing around…!

Here is also a very informative video by Mr. Sigalas explaining the production of wine in Santorini:

At Domain Sigalas you can book your wine tasting experience from their website.

The options they offer are:

  • Menu Degustation (6 seasonal plates + 6 glasses of different wines = 100 €/ person for a minimum cost 400 euros for 4 persons)
  • Wine Tasting – Vineyard Tour (2 hours vineyards tour + winetasting of 10 different labels + food matching of local cheese, veggies, olives and cured meat = 80 €/person (minimum cost 160 euros for 2 persons)

Domaine Sigalas is also available for weddings and it obviously has a very nice shop for buying the Sigalas label wines.



 Domaine Sigalas winery is literally 5 mins drive from Oia but you can even hike/walk from Oia to visit it as it’s literally only about 3km far away in the small valley behind Oia. This winery is not only for wine lovers but for some serious foodies as well and it has quickly become one of the most loved wineries and most recognisable labels of the island.

WEBSITE:   and

5. Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum


Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and WIne Museum is a whole different category by itself.

This is actually one of a kind, as there are only very few wine museums all over the world and this one is very unique indeed. Koutsoyannopoulos family have created a little gem here by opening this little museum and putting so much effort on making the whole tour as much visual as possible.

The museum building itself is actually in an underground cave which is making the whole experience even more exciting.

Don’t get us wrong here: this is a real museum and a winery! So, you’ll get a proper audio guide that will guide you through the different stages of wine production and the lives of the old Santorini wine makers.

In reality, you are walking through the nicely lit (and medieval-looking) catacombs where you are basically educated on the whole process and history of wine making in Santorini.


The whole experience is really something you would expect to see at a Disney Theme Park (though on a smaller scale to be honest…) and it’s super educational.

But you shouldn’t forget that Koutsoyannopoulos is still a winery so you’d expect to find some really good wine to taste at the end of your tour that costs 9 euros (including entrance in the museum/1hr audio tour, car parking and wine tasting of 4 different wines).  The wine tasting comes at the end of the tour where you are basically visiting the wine tasting area and the shop of the winery to buy their wines.



Koutsoyannopoulos Winery and Wine Museum is very close to Santorini Airport and you will actually see it on the main road towards the famous Kamari Beach (check hotels close to Kamari Beach) . The whole experience is very unique and it’s actually very good value for money. You will learn about wine production and history and you will drink amazing local wine! What else do you need in life?


6. Gavalas Winery

When we talk about people who are extremely passionate about what they do, then we have to talk about Mr. George Gavalas, the owner of this picturesque and very old winery at the extremely cute Megalochori village.

Mr. Gavalas : a dedicated and passionate Santorini Wine Maker

Mr. Gavalas : a dedicated and passionate Santorini Wine Maker

Mr. Gavalas is the third generation of wine producers in this winery with history that goes back to the end of the 19th century.

The really unique characteristic of this family ran winery is the fact that you’d be able to taste wines that you won’t find elsewhere on the island such as Katsano, Gaidouria and Voudomato (along with the Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano and Athiri).  “Katsano” is an exquisite wine which is the result of George Gavalas’ love and devotion to wine-making and his continuous effort to revive the rare, indigenous grape varieties of Santorini. It is a blend of 85% Katsano and 15% Gaidouria, both grape varieties little known outside the island, as they only cover 1% of the total vineyard of the winery.

No fancy terraces here. Just pure love and passion for wine making, along with a small patio with a few tables:

The small terrace of Gavalas Winery

The small terrace of Gavalas Winery

What is more exciting though is that if you visit the winery during the harvest season (which is very likely as it is in August-September…) there is a very big possibility of you re-living the ultimate 5000 year old experience of…foot crushing of the grapes as it was actually done thousands of years ago.

If you visit Gavalas Winery in August you may try the foot crushing of the grapes!

If you visit Gavalas Winery in August you may try the foot crushing of the grapes!

Yes…his Air-ness Michael Jordan visited Gavalas Winery back in 2013!

Yes…his Air-ness Michael Jordan visited Gavalas Winery back in 2013!



Gavalas Winery is at one of the most picturesque villages of the island: Megalochori (check hotels at Megalochori here) , very close to the center of the village (in case you are lost just ask anybody at the village and they’d be able to tell you). You can’t go wrong with Gavalas Winery… It’s a little gem that’s even been discovered by CNN back in 2010! Its wines are exported every year to some of the most famous restaurants in the US, not to mention the fact that you’ll meet some of the friendliest, kindest and passionate wine makers of the island.


7. Boutari Winery


Boutari Wines is one of the most well established and well known wines labels in Greece. Back in 1989 the Boutari family recognised Santorini as a wine region with lots of potential for the production of amazing high quality wines.

The winery is mainly focused on the 3 main white Santorini wines : Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani but there is also the red variety that you can find in Aegean islands: Mandilaria.

The winery itself has a very nice auditorium, a tasting room with a small terrace and a very nice shop where you can actually find all the Boutari Wines from all over Greece.

You can have a simple wine tasting experience at the bar or at the tables of the tasting area at any time between April – October (high season).


There are also organised tours of the winery and the whole production which need to be booked in advance.

The wine tasting offers some greek meze nibbles (cheese, antipasti, salami etc).



Boutari Winery is close to Megalochori, on your right hand as you go towards to Perissa/Perivolos from Fira (check hotels at Fira). Boutari Winery is run by one of the most famous Greek Wine Producers and that speaks for itself. There is a very large variety of greek wines that you can try and not only from Santorini but from all over Greece. It’s definitely worth your visit!


8. Hatzidakis Winery

Hatzidakis Winery Santorini 

Hatzidakis Winery is again one of those wineries which is run by a passionate family under the directions of Haridimos Hatzidakis. But with one slight difference: this wine is 100% organic!

Haridimos Hatzidakis is the enthusiastic oenologist from Crete, who renovated this old Santorini cave in 1996 and made his wine one of the rarest and most famous wines of Santorini in less than 20 years (they are even sold by the retail giant Waitrose in the UK) ! The first bottles of this winery came out in 1999 and today Hatzidakis Wines are sold all over the world making even The Guardian to write epic articles like this.

Make no mistake…you won’t see fancy tourist tasting areas and stunning views.

You will basically do the wine tasting possibly in the underground storage areas with the owner but the wine…will send you to heavens!

The winery produces 2 main varieties of organic wines:   Assyrtiko and Aidani  but also a few reds such as Mavrotragano and Voudomato (all Cyclades varieties).



Hatzidakis Winery is outside of  Pyrgos village (check hotels in Pyrgos) . Many people often say this is probably the best wine of Santorini. We’ll leave that to you to judge…but don’t leave the winery if you don’t try (or buy) the amazing organic wine“Assyrtiko de Mylos”... (you can thank us later)!


9. Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Karamolegos Winery Santorini

Wine making is one of the oldest crafts of human beings. Many things have changed in wine production all those thousands of years but there is certainly one thing that has remain constant: you don’t make good wine if you are not passionate about wine. That is certainly what drives wine producer Artemis Karamolegos and his family into making some of the most awarded Santorini wines since 1952. Artemis is now the 3rd generation of Santorini winemakers and he is the person behind the recent (2004) modernisation of this traditional Santorini winery.

Artemis Karamolegos Winery is at the Exo Gonia village at a lovely location (check hotels at Exo Gonia) . The winery produces about 250.000 bottles of 10 different varieties of wines such as : Assyrtiko, Nykteri, Aidani, Vinsanto and Mavrotragano.

The thing with this winery is that it’s not just a winery. You will definitely have the greek meze and nibbles for your wine tasting experience/tour but the real deal is that there is also an amazing restaurant in the winery called “Aroma Avlis” that opened in 2014! This is not a wine tasting area. This is a complete restaurant where you can experience amazing greek dishes with the best local produce along with the winery’s wines.

“Aroma Avlis” Restaurant has an amazing garden and a lovely terrace with the most gorgeous views to the Monolithos beach (you can even see the island of Anafi there when the skies are clear!) (check hotels and villas at Monolithos Beach here)


The Winery is open from February till November and the Wine Tasting Tour includes a visit to the winery facilities, greek nibbles and wine tasting of 4-6 of the labels of the winery. The visit costs about $10 and you will be guided by an oenologist.

There is also a cute little shop where you can actually buy…(what else?) the winery’s amazing wines.



Artemis Karamolegos is at Exo Gonia village (next to Pyrgos village). You will be guided by very helpful and knowledgable people throughout your tour and the amazing restaurant makes it the perfect location for a seclusive romantic dinner under the stars of Santorini’s sky. People hate tourist traps. This winery is definitely not one of them!


10. Canava Roussos Winery

Canava Roussos Santorini

Canava Roussos Winery is the oldest winery of Santorini and it was founded back in 1836. Today, it’s run by Yannis Roussos at an excellent location with a lovely terrace for wine tasting.

When we say this is the oldest winery of Santorini we mean it…so get prepared to see some old Santorini bottles and the Roussos family artifacts.

However, your wine tasting experience won’t stop there because the lovely owners will guide you through the whole wine making process and share with you the secrets of the family’s traditions.

At the lovely terrace you will get the opportunity to taste the Roussos wines and also some nibbles and greek meze that will accompany the wines in the best possible combinations.


The winery produces a wide range of Santorinian wines such as: Athiri, Mavrathiro, Assyrtiko, Mantilaria, Vinsanto.



Canava Roussos Winery is at Episkopi and it’s basically at your right hand when you go from Pyrgos to Kamari Beach (check hotels of Kamari Beach). This is the oldest winery of Santorini and basically the one that started the whole thing of wine production on the island back in the 1800’s. You should try the amazing blended red Nama which was first bottled back in 1974.


11. Art Space Winery

ArtSpace Santorini

This is possibly the most unique winery of Santorini because…it’s not just a winery! It’s an amazing contemporary art gallery located in an old “yposkafo” house of Argyros family. Back in the 90’s the whole place was renovated and redecorated to become not only an excellent winery but one of the most impressive Art galleries of Greece. Argyros family started wine production in this traditional “canava” (aka the old labyrinth-style Santorini houses back in 1861 and now it’s transformed to an amazing winery/art gallery.

Make no mistake: this is a unique Art Gallery that has already been the house of more than 200 photo, painting and sculpture exhibitions of artists from all over the world. The Art Space Winery has been featured in Saatchi Galleries  , at Los Angeles Times and even on The Guardian and the Daily Mail .

During your visit you will get the opportunity to wander in the traditional cave house and take a glimpse of amazing contemporary art. Mr. Argyros (the owner) is a very passionate and knowledgable man and it will be him who will explain to you the different varieties of wines and also introduce you to the history of the Art Space and the artists that have been exhibited there.


But this is not just a unique art gallery. It’s mainly a small production winery that also produces artisanal local wines with a lovely wine tasting area for you to taste them. There is also a small area called “The Museum” which is basically a small exhibition of old tools and machinery that were used in the winery back in the old days.



 Art Space Winery is at Ekso Gonia and very close to the previous wineries on your right hand as you go from Pyrgos to Kamari Beach (check the hotels of Kamari Beach). This is one of the most unique places on the island and one of the most amazing art galleries in Greece! You don’t get the opportunity to get a glimpse into amazing contemporary art while you taste artisanal greek wine, every day… So, treat yourself with a visit to the Art Space WInery. 


12. Gaia Winery

Gaia Winery is also one of the most well known wine labels in Greece with exports all over the world. Back in 1995 Gaia Wines introduced to the world their amazing Santorini wine called “Thalassitis” which is one of the most unique Santorini wines. Thalassitis is an amazing 100% Assyrtiko Santorini white wine that continues the unique series of Assyrtiko wines that can only be found in Santorini.

Make no mistake: these are some of the most awarded and well known Santorini wines. Gaia Winery will give you the opportunity to taste these amazing wines literally sitting on a lovely patio on the beach, just a few meters away from the sea waters, close to Kamari beach.

The friendly and very helpful stuff will guide you through the wine tasting experience and the whole experience is extremely calm and relaxing.


Of course there is no shortage of greek mezze and nibbles here as well and you can even have a full meal by the beach.

But here is the amazing fact about Gaia Winery:

Back in 2010, 450 bottles of “Thalassitis” Assyrtiko of 2009 were literally submerged 18m under the sea somewhere at the Santorini unique blue sea waters. The idea behind that experiment was to see how these amazing white wines age when totally deprived of any oxygen up-take (a method that is also used in USA, Spain and Italy).

Unfortunately, because of some terrible storms and bad weather only….3 bottles of those 450 original submerged bottles survived. One of them was opened and then…heaven!! It was one of the best aged Assyrtiko wines that has ever been produced, with such a unique and multidimensional taste that actually made Ioannis Paraskevopoulos and his team from Gaia Wines to repeat the experiment.

They decided to plan and prepare the whole experiment and submerge a few bottles of the Thalassitis wine production every year under water (aged for 5 years) and sell those bottles at an auction every year. The whole experiment was actually covered by BBC through an excellent documentary:




Gaia Winery is very close to the Santorini airport (don’t worry…planes won’t ruin your experience at all)  and it is actually located at an old tomato processing factory. People say that this is possibly the best wine tasting area of the island and there is a very good reason for that. Not to mention the incredible Thalssitis Assyrtiko wine. One of the most unique and flavoursome  white wines of the island. Don’t leave the winery without buying a few bottles. You will regret it… (or if you can afford it, try the submerged Thalassitis!)


14. Vassaltis Winery

Vassaltis winery is the newest addition to Santorini’s winery map as it literally opened in May 2016 by Yannis Valambous after he inherited the vineyards from his late father in the middle of the greek financial crisis.

Vassaltis Winery Santorini

Hands down this is one of the most impressive buildings of Santorini featuring one of the most elegant and modern wine tasting areas and terraces. Vassaltis Winery is modern greek architecture at its best!

The people at Vassaltis winery will guide you through the wine making process while you will get the opportunity to wander in the amazing building and wine making facilities.

Vassaltis Winery Santorini

There is no shortage of greek mezze and nibbles during the wine tasting experience with the freshly produced Vassaltis Assyrtiko or Aidani. The friendly and knowledgable guys as well as the owner Yannis Valambous of Vassaltis  Winery will make this a really memorable experience (Yannis himself has an excellent story to tell, on how he got the idea to start the winery itself).



 Vassaltis Winery is at your right hand going from Fira to Vourvoulos. It’s actually after Vourvoulos going towards Koloumbos beach (check the available villas and hotels at Vourvoulos here). This is the newest Santorini Winery. People say it’s the next big thing on the islands wineries map and there are many reasons for that: friendly owners, knowledgeable stuff, unique architecture, awesome wine and a very extrovert concept. This is a real Santorini new gem and you’ll be making a huge mistake if you don’t visit it.



15. Santorini Brewing Company

Ok…this is not technically a winery but it deserves to be here (along with the next one). It is one of the two artisanal breweries of Santorini that makes the famous Crazy Donkey beer which has recently became a sensation in social media when people started posting amazing pictures of the unique beer bottle in awesome Santorini locations.

Santorini Brewing Company

This little brewery does not offer fancy terraces or colourful platters but seriously…what’s wrong with amazing craft local beer that is produced in small quantities at a unique location?


The story of this little independent artisanal brewery sounds like a cheesy joke as it was literally opened by a Greek oenologist, a Serbian brewer, an English brewing enthusiast and an American who decided to start their own business in the middle of the greek financial crisis a few years ago. The experiment can be now considered 100% successful and the Donkey Beer has travelled all over the world.

The brewing process is relatively simple with hops from all over the world (such as New Zealand, Slovenia or Oregon).

Interesting fact: the residual spent grain benefits local vineyards as nutritious compost !

The brewery produces only 3 labels of beers, including the only greek India Pale Ale (IPA):

  • Yellow Donkey
  • Red Donkey
  • Crazy Donkey

These are all unfiltered beers with a surprisingly fresh taste and a vivid personality.

But what are they ? The owners are calling their beers as “Lagered Ales” …!

The owners and the people who work in the Brewery can guide you through the brewing process and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything!

There is also a very cool little souvenir shop where you can buy Crazy Donkey merchandise.



Santorini Brewing Company is on your right hand as you go to Kamari Beach and it’s pretty close to some of the wineries above (check the hotels and villas at Kamari) . There has been a worldwide sensation with artisanal breweries all over the world the last years and if you want to try a really unique craft beer you can’t miss this one out. A Yellow Donkey beer bottle shot at Perissa beach will get all the “likes” on Instagram… 


16. Volkan Brewery and Volkan Cafe on the Rocks

Volcan Beer Santorini

Volkan is the second artisanal brewery that opened in Santorini back in 2011 and it has changed the craft beer in Greece forever. This beer is produced with one of the most unique techniques and local ingredients giving it a colourful and sensational taste and flavour that you won’t find elsewhere.

Here is a video featuring the owner describing the unique brewing technique and the ingredients:

You cannot actually visit the Volkan brewery but you can visit their amazing restaurant/cafe/bar at Fira, which is called Volkan Cafe on the Rocks and it is at a very quiet and not-touristy location at the edge of Fira with an amazing terrace overlooking the volcano and the caldera.

You can have a complete lunch/dinner and try the selection of craft Volkan Beers at the lovely cafe.

Volkan Brewery produces 4 different beers:

  • Volkan Santorini Blonde
  • Volkan Santorini Black
  • Volkan Santorini Grey
  • Volkan Santorini White

and they all bring together flavours from the lava filtered mineral water, local Santorini honey and the citrus leaves from Naxos. What a combination!



 Volkan On The Rocks Cafe/Restaurant where you can actually taste the Volkan Beer is at Fira offering you an amazing overview of the caldera an the volcano. Volkan Beer is one of the most unique beers in the world made completely out of Greek products that you won’t find elsewhere. The Volkan Cafe is also a little gem with amazing views where you can even have a frappe or…a freddo cappuccino!


Best Santorini Wine Tours:

All the above are wineries and breweries that you can literally visit by yourself. In most of the cases it won’t hurt to contact the winery or the brewery to check if they are open (especially between the months of November-April) as they are mostly offering the tours and the wine tasting experience during the high season (between April-October). You can easily find the wineries by locating them on Google Maps.

However, there are many organised Wine Tours in Santorini that will basically drive you with a mini-bus to a few of the above wineries and let you experience the wine tasting as a complete package during a single day (or half day) tour.

Here are the Best Wine Tours in Santorini:

Some of them even offer online booking so you can tailor your tour as you wish.


One thing is for sure:

Santorini’s wines and a visit to the amazing wineries is one of the Best Things You Can Do in Santorini. You won’t regret it…

Picturesque terraces, unique wines, friendly winemakers with hundreds of years of wine production on their backs, yummy local greek food  and the amazing Santorini landscape will make your Santorini wine tasting experience one of the best you’ll ever have in your life.

Leave your smartphone behind, forget the selfies, forget that amazing instagram shot and indulge yourself in the moment…

(Plus, you can always order or buy a few bottles of Santorini wine (or more…) to bring back home! :))

So…what are you waiting for?

Ya mas!!

(Γειά Μας = Cheers in greek!)

Note: All photos credits to their respective wineries and breweries

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