How To Get To Santorini -2018 Update

Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea, southeast of Athens.

You can find Santorini on the map of Greece here

There are only two ways to get to Santorini: by plane or by ferry.

Let's get down to the details for each one.

Getting To Santorini By Plane

There is an international airport in Santorini. It is about 15 minutes away from Fira (the main town of Santorini).

Find the airport of Santorini on the map here.

There is a bus station and a taxi rank just outside the airport. 

Are you flying to Santorini in the winter? 

Then you can only fly here directly from Athens. 

Find the airport of Athens on the map here.

The two airlines that operate flights from Athens to Santorini are Aegean and Ryanair. Olympic Airlines that you might have heard about is the same as Aegean now (these two were merged a while back) so you can use the Aegean website for Olympic flights as well. 

The flight from Athens to Santorini takes less than 45 minutes and prices in the winter can be as low as 15€ for a one way ticket. 

Are you flying to Santorini in the summer?

You can fly directly from Athens with Aegean and Ryanair. They have more frequent flights in the summer.

You can also fly here directly from many European countries. I usually use Scyscanner to look for flights. 

Here is a list with all the cities in Europe that have direct flights to Santorini.

  • Austria: Vienna
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Cyprus: Larnaca
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • France: Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris
  • Germany: Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg
  • Italy: Naples, Venice, Milan, Rome, Verona, Palermo, Bari, Bologna, Florence, Genoa
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Norway: Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim
  • Spain: Barcelona, Madrid
  • Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg
  • Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich
  • United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from the US to Santorini. You would have to fly via Athens or another country in Europe that suits you best. 

Please keep in mind that these fights are only seasonal, so you would have to check and see if they are available for your dates.

Getting To Santorini By Ferry

There are ferries connecting Athens to Santorini. You can get a ferry to Santorini both from the main port of Athens, Piraeus as well as from the port of Rafina.

Find the port of Piraeus on the map here.

Find the port of Rafina on the map here. 

There are four companies operating the routes from Athens to Santorini: Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Seajets and ANEK Lines.

Once you get to the Port of Santorini named "Athinios" you can catch the bus or a taxi. You will see them both on your left hand when exiting the port. Taxis are hard to find, so the bus is probably a better choice. It will take you to Fira (the main town of Santorini). 

Check for ferry tickets to Santorini on the dates you are travelling:

or keep reading :) 

Are you travelling to Santorini in the winter? 

There are limited routes in the winter, but you can still find a ferry to take you to Santorini. These three depart from the Port Of Piraeus:

  • Blue Star Delos at 07:25 everyday (Blue Star Ferries)
  • F/B Prevelis -20:30 every Tuesday (ANEK Lines)
  • F/B Prevelis-18:00 every Friday (ANEK Lines) 
  • Dionisios Solomos-14:50 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Zante Ferries)

There are no ferries departing from Rafina Port in the winter. 

    Are you travelling to Santorini in the summer? 

    Then besides the routes mentioned above (they still operate these in the summer) you will have more choices. Here is a list with all of them: 

    Departing from Piraeus Port
    • Blue Star Naxos every Friday at 17:30. Valid 22/4 until 10/06 (Blue Star Ferries)
    • Blue Star Naxos every Saturday at 17:30. Valid 04/09 until 30/10  (Blue Star Ferries)
    • Blue Star Patmos  every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 17:30. Valid 11/06 until 03/09  (Blue Star Ferries)
    • Highspeed 4  everyday at 07:15. Valid 07/04 until 01/10 (Hellenic Seaways)
    • Nissos Samos every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 16:30. Valid 31/03 until 15/06 & 11/09 until 30/09 (ANEK Lines)
    • Nissos Samos everyday at 23:55. Valid 16/6 until 10/9  (ANEK Lines)
    • Seajet 2 everyday at 07:00. Valid 24/03 until 31/10 (Seajets)
    • Superjet/Champion Jet 1 everyday at 07:00 Valid 29/04 until 15/10 (Seajets)
    • Paros Jet everyday at 15:30 Valid 01/06 until 18/09 (Seajets)

    Piraeus Port Departure Gates for ferries to Santorini:

    • Blue Star Ferries to Santorini: Gate E7
    • Hellenic Seaways ferries to Santorini: Gate E7
    • Seajets ferries to Santorini: Gate E9

    Here is a map of Piraeus Port to help you find your departure gate:


    How can I Get To PIRAEUS Airport?

    From Athens International Airport:

    You can take the bus X96. The bus stop is just outside the arrivals gate, it costs 5€ per person and takes about 1hour to 1hour and a half. The bus terminal is near Gate E6 in Piraeus, so you can easily walk from there. 

    A taxi would cost about 60€ (maybe even more). 

    You can also take the metro/train. There is a station at the Airport, from there you can head to "Monastiraki" station and change line to Piraeus Port. The train terminates close to Gate E6. 

    From Athens City Centre:

    You can catch the train to Piraeus Port from "Monastiraki" or "Omonoia" Station. 

    The taxi would cost about 30 €. 

    You can also catch bus number 040 from Syntagma Square or number 049 from Omonoia Square. 

    Now back to the ferries schedule, let's see the ones that depart from Rafina Port. 

    Departing from Rafina Port
    • Hellenic Highspeed every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 07:20. Valid 24/04 until 11/06 (Hellenic Seaways) 
    • Hellenic Highspeed everyday at 07:20 Valid 12/06 until 24/09 (Hellenic Seaways) 

    How can I get to Rafina Port?

    The port of Rafina is closer to the airport, but further away from the city center. However, access here is a bit more difficult from both places as there is no metro/train. Taxi would probably be your best option, especially from the Airport.  

    You can catch the bus to Rafina (KTEL) from the airport or from the city centre in "Pedion Areos". Both these would take you more than an hour to get to the port. 

    How long does it take to get to Santorini by ferry?

    Travelling time depends on the ferry. High speed ones take about 5 hours, whereas the rest can take up to 9 hours. These are the travelling times for the tree different companies that operate routes to Santorini:

    • Blue Star Ferries will take about 7.5 to 8 hours to get to Santorini.
    • Hellenic Seaways morning routes take about 5-to 6 hours, but the evening route takes almost 9 hours (!)
    • Dionisios Solomos takes 12 hours (!)
    • Seajets routes all take 5 to maximum 6 hours to get to Santorini. 

    The fastest ferries are the Highspeed (Hellenic Seaways) and the Champion Jet 1 (Seajets). 

    How much does the ferry from Athens to Santorini cost?

    Again that would depend on the ferry. Prices start from 38€ for night routes with the conventional slow ferries that take 8-9 hours (one way). This price is without a cabin.

    For high speed ferries prices go up to about 55€ (one way). 

    What are the differences between slow and high speed ferries to Santorini?

    Besides the obvious difference that the high speed ferries will get you to Santorini faster than the other ones, there are some other differences you might want to be aware of. 

    Slow conventional ferries are bigger, which means two things: There are more facilities on board and they are more stable overall. The first one means you will have a more pleasant journey and the second one means that in case you hit bad weather, you will not feel it as much as you would if you were on a highspeed ferry. 

    I get sea-sick easily and I can tell you that for sure: You DO NOT want to be on a highspeed boat when the sea is rough. For me, the worst thing about these highspeed ferries is the fact that you cannot go outside. At all. So even if you get a bit sea-sick and you just want some fresh air to feel better. No.. It is not a option.

    If that is your case as well, I would advise you to get the slower boat..  or the plane :)

    What is the best way to get to Santorini?

    I would have to say by plane, simply because the ferry takes too long.

    If you compare travelling times from Athens, the plane will get you to Santorini in less than an hour, whereas the ferry will take five hours (best case scenario). Why waste all this time you can spend on the island?

    Hope this was all helpful! Get in touch if you have any questions or if there is something I can help you with to plan your trip to Santorini.

    See you soon,


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