General Information about Santorini

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To begin with, you can read my Mini Guide For First Time Visitors.

Santorini Villages

You can see the location of every village on the map of Santorini below. To find out more about each village read our Santorini Villages Guide. 

Beaches on Santorini

On the interactive map below you will find all the places in Santorini you can go swimming.  

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Read more about beaches on Santorini and find which one is the best here

Santorini Wineries

Santorini has been producing wine since ancient times. The volcanic soil and special climate of the island give a very unique taste to local wines. Assyrtiko and Vinsanto are the two most famous varieties you will find here.

Most of the wineries in Santorini are found in the central and southern part of the island.

You can look them up on the interactive map below:

Read more about the famous Santorini wine here or find more interesting articles below:

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